The Build Process

Planning and Design
I discuss the early design process and
my most important informational

Fret Spacing Calculation
Here an equation for determining fret
spacing is not-so-rigorously derived.
Template and Workboard
A quick blurb on the body template
and guitar workboard.
Building the Neck
The neck roughly takes shape when
the headstock and heel block are
constructed. Also the truss rod is
built and and a slot is routed for it.
Making the Body Plates
The body plates are trued and glued.
Soundhole Rosette
By some miracle a soundhole rosette is
successfully installed into the soundboard.
Soundboard Bracing
Soundboard bracing is planned and
Bending the Sides
I make my own bending iron and then
talk about what did and did not work
for me when I tried to use it.
Gluing Sides to the Soundboard
I install kerfing to the sides and glue
them down to the soundboard.
Creating and Installing the Back Plate
The backplate is essentially finished
when the center seam inlay is installed
and the back bracing is constructed.
Binding the Body
Binding is installed along the edges and
center seams of the body.
Making the Dovetail Neck Joint
The dovetail neck joint is planned and
Carving the Neck
The neck is carved from the headstock to
the heel with only some fine tuning left to do.
Making the Fretboard
A rosewood blank is turned into a fretboard
and a really smart friend makes it possible
to do a compound radius.
BridgeIconMaking the Bridge
The Bridge is shaped from a blank block
of rosewood.
FinishedHeadstockInlayIconCreating the Headstock Inlay
The headstock inlay is installed.
A lacquer finish is sprayed onto the guitar,
frets are installed, the bridge is glued on
and the nut and saddle are shaped.
frontIconThe End Product
The guitar is finally finished.  Hear
what the guitar sounds like as I
strum around.

Planning and Design | Fret Spacing Calculation | Template and WorkboardBuilding the Neck | Making the Body Plates | Soundhole Rosette | Soundboard Bracing | Bending the Sides | Gluing Sides to the Soundboard | Creating and Installing the Back Plate | Binding the Body | Making the Dovetail Neck Joint | Carving the Neck | Making the Fretboard  | Making the Bridge | Creating the Headstock Inlay | Finishing | The End Product